If you hate white people... Why was your boyfriend white? You're just a dumb hypocrite!!!!

i don’t hate every single individual white person idiot i don’t have time for that idc bout you i care about the system


That anon reaching hard, you def don't look white.

right like….


Idk why anyone bothers with BET. There’s a reason all the good black shows like Fresh Prince, Martin, Cosbys, Living single etc were not brought to BET.

BET is owned by Viacom aka ran by white people who’s only goal is to keep up black stereotypes and anti blackness.


I respect you a lot and I agree with most of your opinions, but I don't think you should say you hate white people (even though you can say whatever you want to say) because not all of them are bad. Just like how not every African American is the negative perception of what people think of them. Anyone, from any race race can be bad, and anyone from any race can be good. It's about your soul, not the tone of your skin. And I am so sorry you're denied your heritage, you're a beautiful person

how have you been following me for this long… this is not new behavior do you read anything i post ??? obviously not cuz you’re extremely ignorant